China S Culture Shock Essay Sample

China S Culture Shock Essay Sample

… a slight reversal of attitude among Euro-Americans. The mothers in The Joy Luck Club all arrived in America during this time period.
According to Zimmerman (1999): “After leaving China in the 1940s to build new lives in San Francisco, Suyuan, Lindo, An-mei and Ying-ying deal with culture shock not only on a general level but also within their own families. The Joy Luck Club recounts the elder womens past struggles in China as well as their daughters difficulties–both as children and as adults–in reconciling Western notions with their Chinese heritage.”
In the beginning of …

… St. Clair became a sort of “ghost” as the result of betrayal and loss in her life. Rose Hsu Jordan repeatedly tried to get her self-confidence back to standup to husband.
The Trouble with Family Relationships
June Woo narrates much of the story, telling of her quest to China, which was orchestrated by her Joy Luck Club aunties. June tries to understand her mothers tragic past, while realizing her own personal and ethnic identity.
Either the mothers, who were born in China, or the daughters, who were born in the United States, narrate all the stories. While each …

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