Should Cigarettes Be Advertised On T V Essay Sample

Should Cigarettes Be Advertised On T V Essay Sample

1. There is no doubt that the disease associated with cigarettes is terrible and growing. The advertisements that promote these products should be completely curtailed. Though people would still maintain their personal liberty to smoke, there should not be an active effort to promote cigarettes and cause harm to many people. Though the public may be aware of the dangers of smoking it is also clear that new young people are starting and this is partly form peer pressure and partly from advertising.

… new smokers daily and the largest percentage of them become involved in smoking because of advertising. The government is not going to be able to control disease from smoking and control a program that tries to promote no smoking in the United States if the products are still freely advertised.

4. There is no doubt that cigarette advertisements are manipulative and deceiving. They make smoking look like a healthy activity that is social and brings people together. They show healthy people having a good time and do not show the disease and problems that are created by cigarettes. Some ads …

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