A Clear Midnight Essay Example

A Clear Midnight Essay Example

… bright day, filled with wispy white clouds and pleasant, if not cheerful shades of blue.
With no celestial bodies present — no sun, moon or stars — the viewer cannot definitively declare that it is either five AM or five PM. An argument could be even be made for noon and midnight. “Dominion of Light” poses a different kind of night and day question, one that offers no black and white answer.
Magritte, in the simple style of a landscape artist, offers little in the way of romantic embellishments used in more traditional styles. He also eschews the more direct and shocking …

… an “S” shaped shadow that run around the front edge of the pond and rises between the edge of the trees and the house and follows the tree up into the sky,
The reflection of the lit street lamp in the pond before the house is very still and clear, It is as much a painting as the street lamp itself, which Magritte might say is just about as much a street light as the image of the streetlight is. This brings to mind, a piece from Magrittes earlier work, a picture of a pipe which written in French …

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