“Coach Carter” Movie Analysis Essay

“Coach Carter” Movie Analysis Essay

Analyzing the film Coach Carter, the story promotes Carter as the teacher with the basketball team as his students. In here, they exhibited different ideals, beliefs and values that challenged the character of Ken Carter in instilling the proper values and ideals. However, with his hard work and determination to fulfill his duties, he was able to transcend to his players and actively foster growth and maturity on their part.Reflecting on this story, I came to realize the common notion that basketball players do not possess the dedication and willingness to study. This common stereotype against athletes is what was presented in the story. However, with the entry of Ken Carter changes started to happen and changed the way his team view education. Somehow, I was able to create conclusions favoring the action committed by Ken Carter to discipline his players.
After viewing this film, I felt the dedication and importance of providing inspiration towards others. The film served as a wake up call to rethink my values and what areas are important. I feel that having an education is one guarantee of a good life. Like what Ken Carter has been lecturing his team. Studies do come first. It is the reason why we are here in the first place. Engagement in extra-curricular activities is only secondary.

Relating this to class, I feel that the ability of Ken Carter to stimulate motivation among his players and foster discipline and commitment is what is essential for a developing child. It is important that parents and guardians provide the child with the necessary values and ideals that can help stimulate areas for growth and development.
Seeing this, I would definitely recommend this video to others not only because it can relate the topics discussed in class but also generate many lessons and insights that can help one rethink about the importance of decisions in ones life.

I feel that the value of discipline and hard work served as the middle ground in creating a consensus between the teacher and educator. The ideas and sermons of Ken Carter uplifted and taught his students no other educator in the film can do. He believed that they can excel and go beyond their capabilities and become better. At the same time, Ken Carter lived his teachings by properly manifesting the ideals he promoted in his own life.

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