Comparison Of Plays Hamlet And Macbeth Essay

Comparison Of Plays Hamlet And Macbeth Essay

… ancient and modern dramas to highlight their differences and similarities. The paper also shows how drama evolved over the centuries with references to Greek, Elizabethan and Modern plays.

Drama has an inherent ability to adapt itself to the thinking and wishes of the society in which it takes birth. Therefore modern drama with all its intensity, relevance and eloquence is certainly …

… men. No mortal eyes but looked upon him with envy, Yet in the end ruin swept over him.”
Shakespeare was deeply influenced by Greek tragedies and this is clear from the model that he followed in his famous tragedies namely Hamlet, Macbeth and Julius Caser. Not only did his tragic heroes possess ‘one fatal flaw’, they were also members of royal families mostly kings and dukes. Shakespeare …

… man that everyone can relate to. Arthur Miller explains, “the common man is as apt a subject for tragedy in its highest sense as kings were.” (Miller, 3) We notice that most modern plays today highlight the weaknesses of commoners because nobility or royalty seems to have no place in a modern society. We are therefore more concerned about the strengths and weaknesses of an ordinary person …

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