Comparison On Public And Private Transpo Essay

Comparison On Public And Private Transpo Essay

… . prep schools. In 1996, 40 percent of all students in Chile attended private schools. Thirty percent of these schools were completely subsidized by vouchers, double the amount seen in 1981.
In comparison, few cities in the United States use school vouchers, since there is little data available on their effectiveness. The Republicans, however, are showing support for them by recently introducing legislation into Congress.
Most principals of public schools feel the vouchers contribute higher test scores among students. They see no problem with parents paying extra tuition to send their children to schools

where their scores are higher than most …

… segregation among the income groups. This will insure all students receive a quality education, by decreasing the competition among teachers to only work in the high-income schools. Also, special needs children should be mainstreamed into general population in both public and private schools. The United States is finding these children have a lot to offer and often become productive members of society. In Chili, however, these children generally fall through the cracks of the educational system, contributing to the low economic status of the country.
The United States requires teachers to attend workshops throughout the year, thus enabling them …

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