Comparisonthe Most Dangerous Game Essay Example

Comparisonthe Most Dangerous Game Essay Example

… only emphasized the otherwise happy mood that surrounded him. To the reader, Jacques represents the “outside” as he doesn’t allow himself to fit in and even after the grand wedding, does not allow himself to dance. Though little is known about Jacques, he delivered one of Shakespeare’s most quoted lines with his “All the world’s a stage” speech. In addition, Oliver represents the “bad turned good” character in the play. At the beginning, he is the evil brother who finally sees the light and changes his ways, subsequently finding love along the way. These characters round out …

… reader questions if in real life he wouldn’t become bitter about this betrayal over time. Rosalind played a very dangerous game.
However, Rosalind was not alone. Celia’s character deserves question, as well. One wonders what sort of person would not reveal their true self to someone they had just met and hence fell in love. She places herself in the same situation as Rosalind does, as she risks her relationship with her beloved to play a silly game.
Orlando, Oliver, and Phoebe are the real victims, even though Rosalind seeks reconciliation at the end of the play when …

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