CONTEMPT-LE MEMPRIS (1963) A Movie Critique and Review

CONTEMPT-LE MEMPRIS (1963) A Movie Critique and Review

Reaction to the Movie’s Plot

The movie produced in 1963 which was primarily dubbed in the French language naturally describes how the dreams of a man destroyed his marriage with the woman he ever longed to share his life with. The movie was set during the early 1900’s when the industrial revolution was just beginning after the war years and the industries of different commercial fields especially that of the ones in connection with the movie production industries.

In the movie contempt, the description of the protagonist was rather portrayed in a way that is most important in the process of establishing the character of the individual being portrayed by the artist. Understandably, being basically motivated to continue pursuing one’s dream was rather the main point of the movie. The idea is likely to put into fine implication that the process of understanding dreams as a major implication in the lives of human individuals that time naturally serve as their stepping stone towards realizing their worth as their dreams come into a reality. However, going after these dreams requires a price.

There are hundreds of reasons why the protagonist of the film decided to continue pursuing his dream even though it meant caring less for the things that he really prioritize in his life. He naturally never expected things to turn out the way that they did but still, getting things out of hand has been the main problem of the main character of the story. He was not that prepared to what was to come his way for the sake of his dream’s completion. Hence, as things happened he was rather focused on the dream that he has established for himself to reach, to be a famous director.

Some people around him saw the seriousness that he had upon this particular goal, which in a way made it easy for them to push him towards the limits of his situation. They used his talents and pushed him towards gaining more and more, trying to make it easier for him to give up the things that he used to give careful attention to when he was still living in a rather simpler way of life with his wife; a practical sense of life that he has been much accustomed to. Unlike the life that the movie industry offers him, he was rather accustomed to having a much simpler life that simply involved him and those people important to him. This perception thought changed so much as he began pushing himself towards the dream that has seemed to be most elusive at first.

It could be observed that this movie is a direct description as to how people sometimes loose the grip of their lives as they begin to pursue ambitions that have mainly kept them going through the challenges that life itself offers. Understandably, there are different reasons behind the establishment of dreams; one of the things not supposed to be resulted from these aspirations is the lost of what is really important in ones’ being.

With regards the story of the Contempt’s plot, it could be noticed how the major issues of living has been regarded as disturbance to many as they try to accomplish the real life that they know of apart from that life that they think they deserve to have. Sacrifice is of course non evasive of one’s life if it is for a good cause, however, on the other end, if destroys one’s

life; the sacrifice is not that worthy at all. Believably, the entire procedure of finding the most important element that completes one’s life may not be based on the fulfilment of a particular dream at all, but on the contentment that one feels with regards the life that he is already living.

Giving a Background to the Rise of the Movie Industry: A Reflection to the Movie Contempt

Hollywood has long been a place distinguished by the fulfilment of dreams that it offers to the large number of hopefuls who are longing to be artists. The fame and the fortune that Hollywood brings to its people and its subjects are rather large and too much inviting for the enthusiasts of the arts. The birth of filmmaking took place in the same place where the artists were also nurtured with the skills and competent skills that they now have in performing in front of their audiences and in front of cameras.

However beautiful it could be seen right now, it should be remembered that before the prestigious name of Hollywood came to reality, the creators of the said have passed a number of hardships in its history “dream factory”. The fact that it takes a strong determination and will to reach and achieve the goals in life, the ones who constituted Hollywood as a name that reverberates the beauty of flawless artistry, did a lot of job to attain their goals in making a name for the said place. Today, it could be noticed that Hollywood becomes the centre of every news report in the world that gives colour to television programming. Indeed, Hollywood’s establishment has made t possible for people around the world to enjoy a certain entertainment that brings ease to every depressed soul in the society.

This is the main reason why many people take interest n knowing how Hollywood came to be. How it all started and who were the ones who made it big in the first years of the Entertainment industry in the United States. The Fifty Golden Years of Hollywood’s history has long been the favourite subject that art enthusiasts and historians enjoy to tackle. The colour of life that makes up the history of the said sector of the human civilization since the 1950’s has made it even more interesting even for local readers and viewers of Hollywood shows.

Behind the success stories of Hollywood though as well as that of the film industries that govern other countries around the world, a series of sacrifices and a series of good and bad options for the dreamers of making it big in the industry naturally binds the historical walls of the worldwide commerce of movie production; something that has been successfully portrayed in the movie Contempt: Le Mempris.

Reaction on the Production and Direction of the Movie

Released in France, the movie has been reported to have attracted a lot of viewers and offered a rather considerable perception as to hoe people then tried to pursue their dreams and lose their grasp on the true meaning of life. Understandably, this perception could be noted as a major mark left by the movie to its viewers. An important matter considered in connection to this is the process of directing the film which actually motivates the process by which the viewers understand the message of the film as per suggested by the story board as to where the entire movie had been based upon.

The artists remarkably played their roles well and the elements of cinematography had been used strategically by both the producers and the directors of the film, resulting to a more implicative source of understanding on the part of the viewers to whom the movie had been dedicated to. It is of course true that the limitations to movie representation present during those olden times made it harder for the film makers to make use of high edge digital innovations to enhance the entire environment that is used in creating a more meaningful presentation of facts and messages about the story being portrayed for viewing.


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