A Conversation With My Father By Grace Paley Essay

A Conversation With My Father By Grace Paley Essay

… tale
and of course the air of romance continues to hold an audience captive.
Movie “Ever After” begins with the marriage of Cinderellas father to a second wife who
brings two daughters of her into the marriage. In the film Angelica Houston plays the
stepmother who is a proud …

… women at all as fine clothing immediately led him to believe that she must be high born of
some sort. In fact during their conversation the Prince wondered why he never saw her at court.
When she gave her mothers noble title he did not question her as he might …

… by her sisters, and shewed them a thousand civilities: she
gave them some of the oranges and lemons that the Prince had presented her with; which
very much surprised them; for they did not know her. (J. Pote & R. Montagu, 1729).”

Just as her fine clothings led her to …

… than a lady. (J. Pote & R. Montagu, 1729).”

The phrasing alone leads one to believe that the poorly dressed were thought to have no
grace and manner and could certainly not be nobles of any kind. In “Ever After” the realization
that Danielle (Cinderella) was the family made caused uproar …

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