Corrupting Forces Of Power In Macbeth Essay Example

Corrupting Forces Of Power In Macbeth Essay Example

… (330 B.C.) created the first model of a Greek tragedy, complete with ‘characteristics’ of a tragic hero and description of situations he might encounter. He was of the view that a tragic hero must be a highborn, someone who is born into nobility with almost everything in his power. He should also possess a tragic flaw that would ultimately bring about his doom. Most ancient playwrights including Sophocles and Euripides followed this model. In Sophocles’ play Oedipus, for example, the hero indeed enjoys a very high position in the society, “I am, myself, world-famous Oedipus”, and true to …

… by Greek tragedies and this is clear from the model that he followed in his famous tragedies namely Hamlet, Macbeth and Julius Caser. Not only did his tragic heroes possess ‘one fatal flaw’, they were also members of royal families mostly kings and dukes. Shakespeare not only adopted Aristotle’s model, he also perfected it by adapting it to beliefs and values of Elizabethan society. He knew that his audience would not appreciate mythological references, and therefore incorporated supernatural forces in the form of ghosts and witches instead of gods and goddesses.
From this period of Renaissance, drama kept changing …

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