Cosmetic Surgery In Gulf Essay Sample

Cosmetic Surgery In Gulf Essay Sample

… notion that by modifying ones body image, cosmetic surgery can improve a persons psychological functioning (Tackla, 2003). In the study, 105 surgery patients between the ages of eighteen and seventy participated in a questionnaire two weeks before surgery and then again one month and six months following surgery. The results of the survey showed an improvement in the quality of life at six months following surgery compared to the quality of life before surgery. Patients also showed a lower score for depression following surgery compared to prior scores before surgery.
Unfortunately, not all patients benefit psychologically from cosmetic

… the suicides. Kearney-Cooke, a physician-scholar with the Partnership for Womens Health at Columbia University, conducted a study in 1999 that showed teen-agers who get cosmetic surgery have low self-esteem and tend to stay longer in unhealthy relationships (Hunker, 2000). One-time adult adopters of cosmetic technology gain higher self-esteem the same study showed. But, if these same adults used multiple treatments without recognizing perceived benefits they suffered lower self-esteem.
Consultation prior to cosmetic surgery is the primary opportunity to make sure that the patient does not have any underlying mental health problems. However …

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