Cost Minimization Essay Example

Cost Minimization Essay Example

… C C C C
Input of Order Info in CDOS
Alert PVRA System about Order Prod. Availability Checking

Record Processing

PVRA Prod. Release

Proposed System

The proposed system aims for the following objectives to solve the existing problems in the present system.

· Elimination or minimization of idle time spent by the sales attendants, the PVRA, and the customers
· Elimination of long queues of waiting customers
· Fast and accurate customer service

While aiming for these goals, the proposed system generally aims to provide customer satisfaction and service accuracy.

The proposed system is a new system for …

… to the CODS and PVRAS, it will utilize the existing server of the CODS and PVRAS. The system will also require several dedicated computers units, at least 5, for customer use.

Economically, the proposed system is also feasible. Its cost will focus on only two aspects: systems development, and cost of computer units for customer use. This spending is very affordable and economical for the business since the effects of the proposed system to the organization will in turn provide a high-end business feature and characteristic.

Finally, the proposed system is feasible in terms of organization structure. The proposed …

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