Costa Rica Culture Traits Essay Example

Costa Rica Culture Traits Essay Example

… use as a herpes therapy. The product, which is expected to go into Phase I trials early next year, exhibits strong antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, Dr. Morville says.
Phytera is also developing a class of anti-fungal compounds based on sunillin, which is derived from a plant cell culture that has been manipulated by infection by a fungal pathogen. The products are under preclinical development as a treatment for infectious diseases, but the chemistry also has implications in the areas of inflammation, allergy, cancer, cardiovascular and neurological disorders and diabetes, Dr. Morville says.
Phytera also maintains a number of …

… of the main concerns of natural product research.
Diversa, a San Diego. Calif.-based firm, has broadened its position in biocatalysis and enzyme libraries to include bioactive molecules. The company has several biodiversity agreements to initially access both enzymes and bioactive molecules, including ones with Yellowstone National Park, Keland, Costa Rica, and Indonesia.
A relevant factor is that 50 percent of all pharmaceuticals are derived from natural products, but historically, natural products research has been difficult for pharmaceutical companies to accomplish,” say Terrance J. Bruggeman, CEO of Diversa, “and so what Diversa has brought is the elegance of natural products …

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