Country Colonize Africa Essay Example

Country Colonize Africa Essay Example

… international trade which gave way to development of free markets. Europe managed to overcome the natural barrier (of distance) to trade through advancement in technology. Moreover it possessed a comparative advantage in the production of most manufactured goods at the time. Therefore engaging in free trade with any other country would benefit Europe at the expense of their domestic industries. The free trade led to decrease in tariffs. Moreover it also led to the rise of nouveau riche class that had benefited from the Industrial Revolution (Engel, 1892). The social structure that was previously resultant of agricultural economy tend to …

… Singapore, Malaysia and Burma. Politically, France gained Indochina comprising of modern Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam: areas they used for growing rice for competitive exports. Africa¬ís newly found Gold and Diamond reserves also attracted the French and they sought to colonize parts of Africa (Stearns, 2001). Germany took over Togo and Cameroons in Africa (1884), Tanganyika (1885), and Southwest Africa (1890). It also had possessed concessions in China and influence in the Middle East (Stearns, 2001).
Russia fought the Ottomans to gain control of Black Sea in order to transport grain across the Mediterranean Sea. However losing out to Britain …

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