Creation Vs Evolution Papers Education Essay

Creation Vs Evolution Papers Education Essay

… would take place, such as the red scare of the early 50s, but that would soon subside and give way to the more enlightened thinking, such as Brown v. Topeka Board of Education (1954) when the court, in a unanimous opinion, overturned Plessey. V Ferguson (1896) found that schools must desegregate. A whole slurry of civil rights cases followed suit, forever changing the face of American …

… would eventually win out, but as pointed out earlier, the fundamentalist tradition is still very strong in certain areas of the country. The fundamentalists have now adopted the modernist tactic, claiming that teaching “creation science” is a matter of academic freedom, and that by denying that, the state is favoring the “religion” of modernity and secularism over that of Christianity.
Another, more academic debate that has been …

… trial perhaps changed nothing in the course of the history of American culture. It perhaps speeded the way for some actions, but as noted, the Supreme Court did not outlaw bans against teaching evolution for over forty more years.

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