Crime Statistics Essay

Crime Statistics Essay

… example Alexandra Mark’s article “US Crime Rate Up, Ending Decade of Decline” in The Christian Science Monitor; the author has compared the crime rate of the year 2002 to the previous decades. Although most of the statistics used in the article are accurate a few lines analyzing the statistics cause the reader to be misled creating a psychological motivation to read on. Factually crime rates have decreased significantly and according to the statistics released by the Justice Department they will continue to decrease. However, the author has made the statement that the rime rate has increased “for the first …

… local religious leaders, the homicide rate had been cut in half by 1996 – especially among youth.

Professor Fox contends the citys success may have led to a kind of complacency, noting the anti-gang unit that was so successful is a “shadow of its former self.” Still, the crime rate is still quite low for the city, and “undoubtedly a reflection of the success they had during the 90s in getting the message to the gangs that they werent going to take the violence,” says Alfred Blumstein, a professor at the Heinz School of Public Policy and Management …

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