Critical Analysis Of Dubliners Essay

Critical Analysis Of Dubliners Essay

Critical Analysis of “The Dead” by James Joyce
James Joyce was an Irish writer and novelist who is considered as one of the “most influential writers of the 20th century” because of his in-depth treatment and depiction of individual and social issues in the life of Man (Microsoft Encarta 2002). One of the most popular novels Joyce had written was the “Dubliners,” published in 1914, which …

Dubliners,” published in 1914, which is a novel composed of 15 short stories that depict and reflect Joyce’s life during his early childhood and eventual life in Dublin (Robot Wisdom 2002).
In “Dubliners,” the short story entitled “The Dead” is acknowledged as the best piece of literature Joyce had written in his career as a writer and novelist. “The Dead” chronicles a day in the life …

… theme of death; and (3) the discussion of the social, political, and religious dynamics in the story, and its relevance with the author’s life history and background.
The first part of the analysis concerns the use of imagery and symbolism as tools in depicting the functions and roles of the characters in the short story, “The Dead.” Imagery is an important factor that Joyce utilized in …

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