Critical Analysis Of Samuel Clemens Writings Essay Sample

Critical Analysis Of Samuel Clemens Writings Essay Sample

… Plato, Marx, and Critical Thought
David Richter’s book is absolutely indispensable, as it is one of the few anthologies willing to acknowledge the existence of and include well-chosen examples from the long history of critical thought and how it helps us understand what we read, why we read, and what we value. The greatest strength of Richter’s work is that it simply starts at …

… In Plato’s rush to judgment on the mimetic arts, he seems to have rolled through an important stop sign. Didn’t Plato himself participate in the very art he condemns? Plato’s writings, in particular the Republic, are his copy of the ideal society, put to pen and ink. His ideal did not exist, nor were all his theories practical. He contributed to the theories behind …

… W. B. Joseph, The Form of the Good in Platos Republic, London, 1948.
W. Jaeger, Paideia: The Ideals of Greek Culture, 3 Vols., New York: Oxford University Press, 1945. (Excellent for its analysis of Plato and the cultural background.)
Sontag, Susan. “Against Interpretation” The Critical Tradition. Ed., David H. Richter, New York: St. Martins Press, 1989.
The Critical Tradition: Classic Texts and Contemporary Trends. Ed. …

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