Critical Analysis On The Story Of An Hour Essay Sample

Critical Analysis On The Story Of An Hour Essay Sample

… would be a hole in the hank so that the trucks would explode on impact. The tests that were performed below 40 miles per hour did not produce flames from under the truck and the tests were altered until the trucks exploded or caught flames as the network desired. In …

… the responsibilities of journalists to report accurately.
The following assumptions are fundamental to the analysis of this case:
1. General Motors acted reasonably in altering the vehicles when they discovered the risk around the gas tanks.
2. The NBC news crew was interested in making money on the program …

… auto manufacturers: This story implied that all of the cars that were made in the United States were unsafe or could be and the story also raised questions about Ford because of Pinto and all of the manufacturers found themselves on the defensive.
ΓΌ The Government: The government had a vested …

… their function to depend and propagate
official faith; in a capitalist society they enjoy guarantees against state control and are expected to perform a critical role, but their economic dependence upon the prevailing system fixes limits to the range of dissent ( pgs. 45).
Economic reality is economic reality, and nowhere …

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