Cultural Differences Businesses Essay

Cultural Differences Businesses Essay

… employee relations strained. Moreover, different cultures often entail different religions. This introduces a whole host of other problems beyond prejudice, such as the need to take religious holidays off. While there are many specific manifestations of culture, three major cultural issues affecting the workplace are language, food, and religious holidays.
Language barriers are probably the most important cultural issue affecting businesses, as it can impact all workplace relationships. People whose primary language is not English may struggle with understanding business writing and memos. Language problems also affect verbal communications, causing misunderstandings. These misunderstandings can be between two or more colleagues …

… ethnic foods to work. Unfortunately, many employees will find these foods offensive to look at or smell. Instead of being a source of interest for people, exotic foods might reinforce prejudices about people from other cultures. The sight and smell of different foods may remind employees of the concrete differences that exist between people, causing further feelings of “us” and “them.” Eating habits and food choices affect lunch breaks, which would normally entail relaxation and removal from the regular stressors of the job. Instead, cultural barriers and employees’ unwillingness to overcome them can cause poor interpersonal relationships.
Finally, a major …

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