Culture Concept Essay

Culture Concept Essay

… lecture confusing. However, the questions raised do not end here.
The long talk on Poma’s paper and his ability to describe himself and his culture is dry and difficult and I would interrupt Pratt and ask her why the specific details of the writing are so important. IT appears to me that a brief discussion of the other elements of the writing style and the quest to bond with the reader if the essay would be appropriate for me to understand Pratt’s lecture.
Finally, when Pratt begins her discussion of the contact zone I believe I would ask …

… is created. The crossroad she is trying to achieve is not terribly complex, but at these three points of her lecture, she seems to lose contact with her audience instead of maintaining it. In order to make contact with her audience she needs to create a transition from each concept to the next. Then it is possible to truly understand the point she is trying it make. …

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