Current Approaches To Grammar Teaching Essay

Current Approaches To Grammar Teaching Essay

… schoolers use to instruct their children?
3. What considerations do home schoolers give to choosing the curricula?
4. Why do home schoolers select the approaches and methods they use in instruction?
Statement of the Problem
The focus will be on the 1996-1997 school year, when school districts across the …

… the home schooling environment. This study will include observing home school participants in their natural home environments, examining the methodology used in selecting and teaching reading, interviewing the home schoolers, and collecting work samples used for instruction. The data will be analyzed to draw conclusions; to determine relationships, patterns, and …

… of importance placed on reading and writing. Basically, her premise is based on the following: the first years, grades 1 through 4 compose the “grammar” years, where the mind is supplied with facts and images, math, phonics, poems, songs, stories and rules of grammar. This is the introductory phase and …

… teachers offered required coursework – 80% meet annual course requirement. 375 provisional teachers participating in PRAXIS training have achieved Standard Certification status. Certification office is current with credential reviews for new hires.
40. Expand efforts to recruit certified/qualified teachers (4.2.2).
C/O HR has implemented an updated Teacher …

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