Current Trends in Freelance Writing

Current Trends in Freelance Writing

There are a lot of freelance writers competing for projects out there. Staying on top of freelance industry trends is essential when it comes to staying competitive. Experts have already predicted some of the trends expected for 2016.

International Clientele

The outsourcing boom that is happening in many major corporations is also an opportunity for freelancers. Freelance writers are being hired from all over the world to keep up with the supply and demand of such a content heavy world. Competition from India, Singapore and China will have freelance writers frustrated and confused, since many of these freelancers do not speak native English and their writing is often subpar.

Full Time Positions

There is hardly a corporation or business these days that does not have a website and many of them employ a blog to make a connection with their clients. Plus, becoming an expert and marketing to people online requires thoughtful articles. Expect more companies to start hiring freelancers full time to cover their site content, Internet presence, marketing materials and technical writing needs.

Online Portfolio

The resume is hardly the best tool to use when finding a freelance writer. Resumes are filled with information on an applicant’s education and experience, but will not showcase the writing skill of the freelancer seeking work. Online portfolios are becoming a popular way to showcase previous projects and win new work.


With the advent of apps, more useful programs are being created every day to allow people to become more proficient in both their personal and professional lives. To utilize their time to the absolute best of their ability, freelancers will begin to outsource projects that take up value writing time such as marketing and accounting.

Self Publishing

Freelance professionals will find more of a need to research and write full ebooks for their clients to self publish. Many of these ebooks will be used to generate traffic and more business for the company.

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