Current Trends In Information Systems Essay Sample

Current Trends In Information Systems Essay Sample

… IBM was a leader in technology, increasing competition meant that making the wrong choice in this critical era could be devastating to the company.
Current Business Situation:
Mr. Gerstner’s decision to catch the e-commerce wave, and ride it for as long and as far as his company possibly …

… segment to become the primary focus of a company. In addition, by partnering with other companies, such as the “networking solution alliance with Cisco Systems” (p. 216), IBM continued to keep a diversified presence in these areas, while letting others who specialized in those areas take more control.
Regretfully …

… data and the trends of 1999. Many companies saw the same writing on the wall, and hopped on the e-business bandwagon. Given the information he had, without the leisure of hindsight today, Mr. Gerstner’s decisions were made to best take advantage of a unique opportunity.
With the …

… they would have some added security.
All in all, Mr. Gerstner’s plan of action for 1999 was one of vision. He saw the trends of e-business and knew that if his company was to continue to be a leader in the information technology industry, he would have to …

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