Customs In Elizabethan England Essay Example

Customs In Elizabethan England Essay Example

… the colonists to follow all the new trade rules resulted in the incident known as the Boston Massacre (AND). Colonists resisted buying products from England. They spun their own cloth and recipes circulated for tea substitutes (MA, 2003). They made their own paper and stopped painting their homes. When customs officers attempted to collect taxes, confrontations often occurred, so two regiments were sent to Boston to protect the customs officers (MA, 2003).
The Boston Massacre began as low-level harassment, with colonists throwing snowballs at the soldiers. The situation deteriorated and the crowd became a mob. British soldiers fired on …

… goal is demonstrated by the types of colonists who participated in the war. The first man to die in the Revolutionary War was neither an outraged businessman nor a philosophic leader. It was Crispus Attucks (Li, 2001), a free black man who valued his freedom. Others who fought against England included English, Welsh, Irish, German, and French as well as both free and slave Africans and Native Americans. (Fuller, 1999).

The American Revolution is unusual among modern world revolutions because it produced not a dictatorship, but a republic. One of the main reasons for this outcome was the leaders …

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