Dangers Of Computers Essay Example

Dangers Of Computers Essay Example

… documents in computer files and sending confidential files over email. Encryption technology can also keep data safe while it is in transit over public networks. According to most security professionals, every business needs to have a secure network, an enforced security policy, and a dedicated security team.
Legalities of Virtual Child Pornography
As the Internet continues to grow and provide increased access to the world and other people, we have access to an enormous amount of resources. However, it also opens a whole new area of dangers, especially for children.

One of these dangers lies in the area of child pornography. Criminals can easily use computers to communicate with each other and gain access the very population they plan to victimize (AP, 1999). While United States and other countries have enacted laws outlawing child pornography and have banded together to bring these criminals to justice, the Internet has brought a whole new set of obstacles to lawmakers, parents and others.

Basically, it is believed that the only way that child pornography can be created is to molest a child (Griffin, Plato, 2002) . However, with the advancement of technology, a new issue has risen– computer-generated or “morphed” images.

This issue …

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