A Debate On The Legalization Of Marijuna Essay

A Debate On The Legalization Of Marijuna Essay

… argument I needed to find sources of information that did not support the legalization of drugs. I picked up the local phonebook, and called a treatment center.
I was pleased to discover that the owner of the center was more than willing to converse with me. I arranged and interview, and within five minutes of meeting Mr. “Smith I knew he was violently opposed to the legalization

… quit. I quit, and started to look at what I acquired.
I had a variety of information. I had procured technical data, emotional arguments, legal arguments, moral arguments, and economic arguments for the legalization of drugs. The themes and supports for legalizing drugs were consistent. Whether presented from a technical or popular perspective, the main themes for legalization involved economic profit and issues of personal freedom. Another …

… must use balance in research techniques and explore all sides of an issue. To simply pick a point and then find sources to prove it proves nothing.

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It Work?” Reason. October,1988: 22-29.
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Washington Post, 18 August 1989, A1. Baltic,

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