Deficient Knowledge About Hypertension Essay

Deficient Knowledge About Hypertension Essay

Hypertension is one of the most common conditions that can predispose to a host of other conditions like cardiac problems. The knowledge deficit regarding hypertension is related to lack of information and ignorance. The lack of information is due to inadequate health education. Health education is usually communicated verbally or by various other information dissemination methods. It can also be due to the lack of interest of the person suffering from hypertension. Lack of health education is the most common cause of deficient knowledge.

Ignorance can also be another cause of knowledge deficit. Ignorance is normally present in an illiterate person. It can also be present in an educated person if the person does not have access to various information materials. These people do not know the problems that can be caused by hypertension.

Inadequate or deficient knowledge of hypertension can lead to a host of problems for the patient. Hypertension is the most common cause of Cerebro Vascular accident, commonly known as stroke. Hypertension can also cause various other problems. Regular and proper early treatment will reduce the risks of complications caused by hypertension. This is the importance of adequate knowledge about hypertension. When the individual has deficient knowledge, it can lead to the complications mentioned above.

The various nursing interventions can be by assessing the level of knowledge. The knowledge level can be assessed by administering a questionnaire. After assessing the knowledge, all the relevant information should be passed on to the patient in a simple way. Then the doubts that the patient has should be clarified. Finally, the client should be taught about the importance of regular follow up. This will help in preventing further complications that can be caused by Hypertension.

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