Descriptions for Med School Application

Descriptions for Med School Application

Description – (SAT Tutor) This was a summer job where I worked as an SAT/High School math tutor. I was assigned to tutor different number of students. Through this job, I was able to expand my knowledge about other people as well as the subject. I also learned that each individual has a distinct learning ability. Thus, an educator should not expect that one method of teaching would work for all their students. This job also helped me gain the self-confidence that I needed to be able to interact efficiently with other people.

Descriptions – (Lab Researcher) I selected an experiment in biophysics which involved the use of optical tweezers for a research topic. Through the use of optical tweezers, one can characterize the mechanical properties of a cell and better understand different cellular processes such as movement and growth.

The experiment involved a basic manipulation of microscopic particles through the use of tweezers. I was given a plasmid that was to be replicated in large amounts, cut by restriction enzymes, and then introduced into the HeLa cell line. This was an interesting experience since I had a chance to observe the different processes of research and experimentation and understand how cancer cells work.

Description – (Clinical Research Assistant) I was involved with a prospective study to define the relationship between time profile of glucose control before, during, and after surgery with patient variables, surgical variables, and anesthetic variables. My job was to measure serum glucose levels during surgery through a venous or arterial line. The purpose of this research study is to identify the population at risk for hyperglycemia during surgery. This experience was by far the most interesting and exhilarating that I ever had. As a pre-medical student, I had the rare opportunity to observe two surgeries a week. I learned a lot because I was in an environment where I had the opportunity to interact with physicians, nurses, and residents.

Description – (EMT volunteer) During my college days, my time with the Lehigh University Emergency Medical Service was the most valuable to me. As a trained and certified Emergency Medical Technician, I was able to help in the assessment and treatment of patients. For each shift, there was a crew of three members consisting of a captain and two EMTs. The job entailed performing basic life support procedures, transportation, followed by a detailed report of the event.

The LUEMS has so much to offer; it has given me the opportunity to become familiar with the medical environment at an early age. This experience has also given me the confidence to properly rationalize during pressure situations.

Description – (Member of Lehigh Pool Scholar Program) This is a highly selective pre-medical program for 10 to 15 students a year. It provides pieces of advice to students as well as different opportunities to be familiar with the medical field. The program involves monthly dinners with distinguished speakers such as lab researchers and physicians from the Lehigh Valley Hospital. These notable speakers discuss topics related to medical ethics and modern medical economics. This was valuable to me since these are important subject matters that are not taught in standard pre-medical courses. Also, the organization grants a stipend to students who take part in a summer research that emphasizes project-based experiential learning opportunities.

Description – (Member of Indian Student Association) As a member of this association, I have taken part in many cultural events. Involvement in my culture has always been very important to me. In today’s society, it is easy for one to slowly lose their traditional ideals. Through organizing events such as Indian dances on Diwali, Indian New Year’s, and fund raisers for India, I managed to preserve my cultural values and traditions.

Description – Explain why you received disciplinary action – While writing an assignment for an English course during my freshman year, I used the Internet as a research tool, but I did not carefully document each Internet source. Due to my rash and immature decisions, I included ideas into my essay without observing proper citation. I was reprimanded for this act and received a failing grade. I was also asked to take a hiatus for one semester. I used my time off to seriously reflect on my mistake and realize the significance of being fully aware of my actions. While I do not deny my mistake during my freshmen year, I can confidently say that I have emerged from this experience as an improved person. I have strengthened my ethical principals and have learned to conquer challenges as well as learn from my mistakes.

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