Differences Between Forms Of Euthanasia Essay Sample

Differences Between Forms Of Euthanasia Essay Sample

… -going American” equates assisted suicide with “ridding themselves of the old and the handicapped” (51).
These arguments also fail to address how euthanasia affects individuals, particularly the old and the handicapped whose interests he supposedly upholds. Instead, opponents of euthanasia simply frame the issue in stark absolutes, that all forms of killing and murder are wrong, regardless of method and motive.
However, cases such as the suffering of the terminally ill show the futility of such absolutes. Many practitioners thus recommend a case-to-case approach, where, subject to strict regulation, physician-assisted suicide can be an option for the …

… next step – medical assistance to produce a death free from pain and protracted agony.
Far from an act of murder, euthanasia is a compassionate response to the pain of the dying. Therefore, the current laws that make euthanasia a crime should be repealed.

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