A Different Way To Compare Fast Food Restaurants Essay Sample

A Different Way To Compare Fast Food Restaurants Essay Sample

… Four years ago I began my first job with an American franchised fast food restaurant: Popeye’s Chicken. At first I was amazed when I realized that the manager had only hired two workers to run the restaurant. With the crowds that came in at peak times of day, it seemed totally unreasonable to expect efficient service. However, with a work schedule based on the American franchise system, my coworker and I operated Popeye’s effectively. If I was taking orders from customers, my colleague was in the kitchen preparing the food, placing the frozen meals in the frying machine. …

… Thai businesses. Therefore, one of my key goals in the short and long term is to bridge the gap between Western and Asian management principles.
As a Thai national, I can’t help but compare my experiences in an American restaurant chain with my experience as a customer in Thai restaurants. I remember how it would take much longer to receive my food in Thai restaurants. Workers would be running back and forth between the kitchen and the cash register, trying to multitask. It might seem like we were getting more work done, but in reality it would take much …

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