A Doll S House Critical Analysis Of Nora Helmer Essay

A Doll S House Critical Analysis Of Nora Helmer Essay

… realizes how the male leading character is taking advantage of his wife. PoorNora is always made to believe that she should consider herself fortunate for having found a husband as perfect as Helmer and Nora worships him believing that he was like a god who could not do anything wrong. She is of the view that her husband is the perfect example of a man with …

… man with upright shining morals, as Helmer was never seen doing anything socially unacceptable.
But all along she desperately wanted a miracle that could set her free. “Down deep in the consciousness of Nora there evidently slumbers personality and character, which could come into full bloom only through a great miracle–not the kind Nora hopes for, but a miracle just the same. “ (Goldman). That miracle comes …

… her completely and that is when the doll’s house crumbles, and out comes a woman determined to establish her separate identity.
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