A Drink In The Passage Alan Paton Essay

A Drink In The Passage Alan Paton Essay

… and bisexual people to be three times more prone to considering suicide seriously than their heterosexual peers. They are also more likely to smoke, drink to excess, be involved with conflict with peers and parents, become homeless and leave school early. (Uribe11)It has also been shown that gay and …

… personnel; widespread lack of legal protection from antigay discrimination in employment, housing, and services; hostility to lesbian and gay committed relationships, recently dramatized by passage of federal and state laws against same-gender marriage; and the existence of sodomy laws in more than one-third of the states.

Although usage …

… , the proportion of respondents who did not consider homosexuality an acceptable alternative lifestyle dropped to 50% – approximately the same as in 1982. By contrast, the proportion regarding homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle increased substantially to 44%.

The trend continued such that, by 1999, a majority (52%) regarded homosexuality as …

… reader (pp. 331-344). New York: New York University Press.


Multicultural Education and Queer Youth

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Savagely beaten, tied to a fence-post and left bleeding in …

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