Edgar Degas Impulses Of The Society Essay

Edgar Degas Impulses Of The Society Essay

… artificial construct.
This opening line also reveals that he is willing to think outside of society’s typical boundaries. He has access to power because his father has not denied him, but because society denies him status, he is within the ring of power but does not feel society’s constraints in the same way others do. He describes those customs as a plague:
Wherefore should I

… s position, and views him as soft, weak, and unworthy of the honors that will be his one day just because of his circumstance of birth.
Then he states his intentions plainly:
Legitimate Edgar, I must have your land:
Our fathers love is to the bastard Edmund
As to the legitimate:
Gloucester may have done himself no real service when he acknowledged Edmund as his bastard …

… the audience. The actor has to portray Edmund as a complicated character with some acceptable reason for feeling as he does, or he will just look like an ungrateful, spoiled brat. Looking at the text, one can see a variety of emotions. At first he appears rational and intelligent, using reason to put his argument forth:
Thou, nature, art my goddess; to thy law
My services are …

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