Edible Woman Summary Essay Example

Edible Woman Summary Essay Example

… in male superiorityle believe that men are superior to women. If a poll were taken today, it would certainly illustrate the show that it isthe common knowledge that, despite the women’s rights movement, women remain unequal.simply have not earned equal status with men.
After reading an information summary published by the United Nations in 2001, I found many more inequalities between men and women than I originally thought. Furthermore, I asked several of my friends and family members to give me their viewpoints on the subject.
From their input I found that the following areas concern most people …

… money than men when working at the same company, while doing exactly the exact same job. When both genders havepossess the same qualifications, and investand the same amount of time working at the company, the women often still earn less—so much so . It isthat estimated that anthe average woman earns 12% less than men (CIO Magazine).
An example of inequality in the workplace would beincludes construction jobs. Road and construction or home construction remainare traditionally considered a male-dominated industryies, although more and more women today enterare entering thosee fields and proveing themselves more than capable of handling the …

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