Educational Curriculum Planning Essay Sample

Educational Curriculum Planning Essay Sample

… the human equation through acts of initiative, mediation, and teamwork. Described herein are some examples of my ability to identify a problem, take charge of introducing steps to correct it, and encourage synergy in the educational and professional environment.
Since 1998, I have been a Math Instructor (Certified for SAT) with The Princeton Review. This position encompasses a number of duties involving an accelerated curriculum and tutorial program designed to improve student scores in standardized tests and college entrance exams. As a member of the personnel selection team, I am responsible for training new instructors regarding our teaching methods, strategies, …

… management, excellent communication skills, and the ability to extrapolate complex data for relationship managers and portfolio managers in the preparation of spreadsheets, financial reports and economic forecasts. My research and analytical background has been utilized extensively in dealing with client and corporate portfolios, as well as serving on Strategic Planning and Analysis ad hoc committees vested with acquisition and marketing analyses, risk assessments, and comparisons to competitive insurance operations. The spirit of teamwork and cooperation fostered through these committees and special projects has enhanced my awareness of the qualities of being a good leader and enabled me to diplomatically challenge …

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