Effect Starting A Job Essay Example

Effect Starting A Job Essay Example

An analysis of the character of Mr Ripley from the film “The Talented Mr Ripley” based on the novel by Mary Patricia Plangman.

… Tender Sensitive Haunted Passionate Talented Mr. Ripley” (IMBD, 2002). This is reflected in Tom’s own words when asked what he is best at ; “Telling lies, forging signatures and impersonating almost anybody”. In effect he has an undeveloped personality in the generally accepted sense (Hubly 156). In many ways this character can be seen as similar to other Highsmith characters such as Rydal Kenner from The Two …

… bathroom attendant in the Opera house. However, we do gain an insight to his real and hidden aspirations in the way that how watches the opera. We can also argue that with this job, although outside the upper classes, his is able to associate with them and see the lifestyle that he so desires. When he is caught he backs off and apologies indicating that although he …

… born in a world where he does not have access to the things he desires, and although sympathetic, there is also a clear desire to gain this upper-class way of life.
In starting in this fashion there is a natural empathy for the audience to like Ripley, and this is the most information were are given of Ripley’s background. This also allows the audience to …

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