The Egg Sherwood Anderson Theme Essay Sample

The Egg Sherwood Anderson Theme Essay Sample

Sherwood Anderson takes a common aspect of human nature in “I’m A Fool” and embarks his reader on an insightful glance at what pressures society place upon us as individuals.
The narrator (and inevitably the reader) finds himself learning a valuable lesson when he discovers the girl he is trying to impress isn’t interested in his lies and exaggerations but likes him for him. It’s a moral situation explored by many writers and filmmakers and I feel Anderson uses a good dose of dramatic irony to express the consequences of …

… already learnt the lesson that he sets up in his re-telling of his story.
The lies he tells initially seem to be to more about impressing the ‘yaps’ in the saloon than to cause any harm, but we all know that dishonesty is wrong and sooner or later the truth comes out.
Nevertheless, we sympathize with why he lied to Lucy Wessen. Through the glances and “the way she had looked at me, awhile before, over her brother’s shoulder, and me looking back at her, and both of us blushing” (255) we come to realize his lies to …

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