The Elite Theory Essay Example

The Elite Theory Essay Example

… obtained social and economic power through contemporary American politics. He notes that social inequality, whether attributed to gender, race, ethnicity or age factors, all springs from the same social and economic basis. Dumhoff notes that a few wealthy individuals (power elite) control the United States. He notes that these power elites tend to dominate both the government and the economy, effectively ruling the political and social system of the US.
Domhoffs analysis is clearly not based on the symbolic-interactionist perspective. His analysis relies very little on the classical symbolic -interactionist view that the interaction between individuals forms the …

… does not comply with the symbolic-interactionist belief that individuals are partially free to make their own social words. As such, the author can be seen as taking a much more determinist approach than the symbolic -interactionist theory would allow.
Domhoffs analysis has a clear basis in conflict theory. He clearly believes that groups within society compete for what appear to be unequal power and scarce resources. As a result, he argues that the ruling elite is in conflict with the poorer in American society. He sees society as a struggle between the different groups, all who have different …

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