Elshtain Women And War Essay Sample

Elshtain Women And War Essay Sample

… field hospitals. By 1952, the number of female soldiers in active duty had risen to 46,000. Though there are no figures on the total number of women who served in the Korean War, the Veterans Administration cites census data showing that there are around 120,000 female veterans still living as of 1980.
Women were in the Korean War from the very beginning. Female army …

… Persian Gulf War was a turning point for women in the military. By now, a new generation of armed forces personnel had gone to service academies that with female classmates and the pioneer women in the military were making inroads.
More than 33,000 women served in the Persian Gulf, making it the largest wartime deployment of American women in history. Though they were still precluded from …

… Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) concludes that women are more resistant to temperature extremes as well as disease. In addition, women are also able to cope better with situations that demanded high stress and isolation.
Critics and proponents of women in combat agree, however, that women who want to serve in the military should possess the necessary physical, mental and emotional attributes. Female soldiers are finding greater …

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