Emily Dickenson Lesson Plans Essay Example

Emily Dickenson Lesson Plans Essay Example

… be manipulated mentally.” (Tall, p. 1). The practice afforded by lesson three will (at the very least) introduce the process by which words can be translated into algebraic expressions which can then be manipulated to arrive at a final numerical answer.
All too often the middle school classroom is run in a way that is counter to that specified in the NCTM Principles and Standards. In the rush to complete paperwork and attend to the other (often) mundane chores which comprise the teaching profession, novel ways of inspiring interest in mathematics through interesting and challenging lesson plans are left behind. The three lesson plans discussed above clearly defy this all-too-common pattern. They not only uphold the NCTM approach but they also address head-on the two fundamental issues of algebra misconception and how thinking should change as students progress from an arithmetic to an algebraic way of thinking.

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