Emotiond And Substance Abuse Essay Sample

Emotiond And Substance Abuse Essay Sample

… Abuse Prevention

This is a two page paper that deals with preventing substance abuse in High School. There is one reference used for this paper.
Substance abuse is a serious problem among teenagers today. It is important to look at ways to deter drug use in High School students.
Preventing Abuse
Studies have shown that by the time students graduate from High School, “47 percent will have smoked marijuana, 24 percent will have used another illicit drug, 70 percent will have smoked cigarettes, and 81 percent will have drank alcohol (Toppo, AP).” In 2002, students surveyed stated that marijuana …

… program (Toppo, AP). Furthermore, teenagers themselves can sometimes be the biggest deterrent in substance abuse, by encouraging their friends and peers not to smoke, drink or take drugs.
Drug use among High School students is a critical problem. It is crucial to perform random searches of cars, lockers and backpacks, utilize anti-drug programs and encourage peer intervention as a means to prevent substance abuse among teens.
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Toppo, Greg. Teens Say Buying Marijuana Is Easy. AP Online. (2002): 20 August.

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