Employment And Unemployment In China Essay Example

Employment And Unemployment In China Essay Example

… In comparing China and Mexico as developing countries, it is important to take into consideration all the elements of their situations. The nations are very different both in their needs and in their strengths. China has over 1 billion citizens, while Mexico has just over 1 million. To put this into perspective, America has a little under 281 million citizens, and yet is significantly larger than China by land-mass. In short, both China and Mexico have a significantly higher population per area, and both subsequently have far less natural resources per capita. However, despite the fact that both countries …

… its economy is service oriented, and 24% industry oriented. However, this is still a far shot behind America, where white-collar work has superseded any actual labor or production. In America, services are only 14% of employment, and every aspect of manufacturing, transportation and the like is only 24% — America, as a fully developed country, is 60% professional, technical, or sales oriented. China, Mexico, and America in many ways represent the phases of human development, from a society based on agriculture to those based on industry on to service and finally to an information economy. In this scheme, China is …

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