The Enders Game Essay Sample

The Enders Game Essay Sample

… not actually part of the game feel like part of the game. They identify with the team and so are excited by a home run hit by a member of their team. The crowd of people cheering and I are interconnected, we experience the event in the same way. The crowd of people cheering also influences how I am feeling. When they cheer support, I feel more energized and determined. In contrast, when the other teams cheer squad cheers support for them I feel less energized. This illustrates that the actions of others impacts on how I experience events …

… can relate to people like myself, such as my team mates in a baseball game. I can also relate to others by knowing their beliefs, even if they are not the same as mine, such as the opposing baseball team. I also interact with individuals not involved in the game. Spectators are influenced by my actions and my emotions and actions are influenced by spectators. This shows that a simple baseball games relies on interconnectedness. While this is just one example, it effectively shows that people cannot share experiences without interconnectedness. Since life itself can be viewed as one big …

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