Engineering Disaster Moral Ethics Essay

Engineering Disaster Moral Ethics Essay

… decisions. This is accomplished by implementing stewardship, honesty, fairness, and respect while recognizing that any ethical decision is not without compromise. However, even when ethics and safety are of paramount importance and there are risks of failure or death, the most ethical leaders, engineers, or supervisors can make decisions that …

… or three [moral] movies on the same projector without ever considering the consequences of them “ (608). This was the dynamic that created the Challenger disaster.
The managers at Morton Thiokol wanted the Challenger in the air. The engineers each had their own limited perspectives about the space shuttle and its …

… launch. However, professional conduct was not enough in the case of the Challenger.
The individuals involved in the Challenger incident must also face personal moral responsibility. This means that the managers have taken a strong moral stand against the launch. Should the O-ring engineer have demanded a change? Eventually …

… Werhane’s analysis, each “professional” role was met and the objective standards were met. This makes assigning accountability difficult and , as in many other engineering or public safety incidents even the most ethical and concerned individuals can find themselves involved in decisions that result in dire consequences.

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