English Only Legislation Essay Sample

English Only Legislation Essay Sample

English Language Bilingualism
The essays If Only We all Spoke Two Languages and Don’t Make English Official – Ban it Instead are both critical of using legislation and public policy to ensure English proficiency among the American population. However, they both have different conclusions regarding the importance of learning a second language.
In the first essay, author Ariel Dorfman focuses on the specialized needs of a growing …

… of this article thus believes that “immersion” policies in the nation’s public schools scar the children by forcing them to cut ties with their heritage. Instead of demanding that these children learn only English, he thus suggests that all children learn English as well as a second language.
Like Dorfman, Dennis Baron believes that the 1996 Congressional bill making English the official language of the United …

… to Dorfman, Baron points out that most immigrants favor the “English Plus” system that encourages every American to speak both English as well as another language.
In the end, both articles agree that English proficiency is important for residents of the United States. While Baron stresses that ensuring English proficiency now is the greatest concern, Dorfman believes that learning English should not be at the expense of …

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