English And Neighborhood Essay

English And Neighborhood Essay

… basic educational skills among the students entering the Baltimore’s community college system. An estimated 95 percent required remedial math lessons, while 65 percent need more work in all three areas of math, English and reading. Half of community college students drop out after one year, a phenomenon that happens around the country.
The problem of unprepared students is related to larger social issues that affect a …

… the Baltimore Afro-American suggests a clean-up project involving two major institutions of the community – the churches and the schools.
The editorial rightly assumes that these two institutions represent a powerful organizing and unifying force in the African American community. Churches, in particular, are in a good position to influence the thoughts and actions of their community. The editorial thus calls on adults and church leaders …

… problems, like drug dealing. In contrast, such criminal elements tend to avoid neighborhoods that are clean and therefore perceived as “intolerant” of crimes.
Viewed in this light, the action to clean up the neighborhood becomes an important unifying factor for the community. It stops the spread of disease and discourages crime. It gives people a sense of community by providing them with a unifying goal. The act …

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