What to enter in a Bookkeeper Resume

What to enter in a Bookkeeper Resume

Bookkeeping is an important function of any organization. Efficient bookkeepers having basic or advanced bookkeeping qualifications are always in demand. So what do you need when you apply for the job of bookkeeper? Of course, a bookkeeper resume.

If you have just finished your education, then you will have to prepare an entry level resume for the position of bookkeeper. An experienced bookkeeper will have more details in his resume. Certain points such as personal details and educational qualifications will be common to  both.

However, in an entry level bookkeeper resume, you have to remember that you don’t have any job experience to boast about. You will therefore have to concentrate on a few points – your qualification, your educational institution, your test scores and any summer projects that you have done in this field.

If you are an experienced bookkeeper then you have to keep the following points in mind while preparing a resume:

  • List of positions held:

    You need to mention all the organizations you have worked at, in chronological order with the positions held in each.

  • Nature of Work:

    Responsibilities differ from organization to organization , so you will have to clearly mention the exact nature of your work . For instance, if you mention that you were a junior accountant, what exactly were your tasks? Did you do bank reconciliation, bills receivable accounting, bills payable accounting and so on. All types of accounting experiences should be mentioned in bookkeeper resumes.

  • Job Accomplishments:

    You need to mention all your job accomplishments. You may have set up a new accounting procedure in one organization. Or you may have computerized the entire accounting setup resulting in enormous saving to our employer. Every professional achievement should be highlighted. It may sound like you are patting yourself on the back but your prospective employer needs to know your capabilities. Only then will he hire you.

  • References:

    You need to mention references of your previous employers. A little elaboration here will not be out of place. It always makes sense to part with your employer on amicable terms. You never know when they may be contacted for reference purposes. A bad reference may ruin your career.

Now you know all that needs to go into an accounting resume, but don’t you want it to have a professional touch? You would like your resume to highlight your proficiency. This is where we come in. Be it  bookkeeper resume or engineer resume, our resume writing service will bring out a resume tailored just for you. It will highlight your skills, knowledge and achievements in a manner that will leave your prospective employers impressed.

You may be tempted to go in for a resume download. There are so many formats of bookkeeper resumes freely available on the internet. But keep in mind that your resume should reflect your personality and should be unique.

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