Essay on 14th Century In England

Essay on 14th Century In England

… Black Death, and mass social crisis and revolt due to a plunging economy.
The Hundred Years war occurred between 1337 and the 1400s (FourteenthCentury). The conflict consumed many nations, but most notably England and France. Both European powers were vying for control over parts of the European mainland. The outbreak of the war was not sudden, but rather resulted from a number of smaller conflicts, and …

… by great social and political revolt. Partly due to both the Black Death and the Hundred Years War, these revolts were sparked by the great economic hardship and devastation of the times (Fourteenth Century). Those who participated in the uprisings wanted new leadership, and social reform (Fourteenth Century). They were predominantly workers and peasants, and they were tired of dealing with the extreme food and goods shortages, …

… due to a plunging economy.

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