Essay Creation: Instructions for Dummies

Essay Creation: Instructions for Dummies

Writing essays for dummies may be a quite difficult task. Very often the students are afraid of essay writing tasks. Writing essays for dummies will be much clearer when they get to know the structure of an essay and tips of work on it.

So if you only learn how to create an essay, you should know that it contains three most important components called introduction, body and conclusion. You have to start your work with a draft. Remember that the introduction has to catch the attention of the reader with the main issue of the work. An introduction should explain the core idea of the essay and contain a thesis. The body should consist of several paragraphs. You must develop your thesis in this part. Don’t forget that in each paragraph you have to develop just one thought. In conclusion you have to sum up what you’ve told already in previous paragraphs. Try to avoid repetitions. All parts of your essay have to be in logical order and you don’t wander away from the subject. If the style allows, you can raise a question in the conclusion and let the readers answer it themselves. Once you’ve finished an essay, it’s necessary to proofread it and correct possible spelling and grammar mistakes.

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